Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to create your own blog has created its first blog. We have significant technical resources from in-house tech people and we could have used any service or system we wanted to build our own blog. So, why did we use Google's free service? The answer is "simple". We've been recommending this service to our customers for 10 years. We thought that if it's the right solution for our clients, then it's the right solution for us. Everything that we're going to do to create this blog requires no programming or HTML expertise so don't be frightened away.

We're not going to walk you through the steps of setting up your account and creating the blog because Google does a wonderful job of doing that. However, we are going to give you a few pointers to help to integrate your blog with your website.

When we setup our account, we didn't want the Internet address to be at the domain name because we want our visitors to know the domain name. Blogger makes that very simple. Therefore the first thing we did was to go to "design" and then "settings" and set the "Publishing Blog Address" as "". If you're a client, we'd be happy to setup that redirect for you. Blogger will give you two CNAME records that need to be setup. Just send those to us. Once it's setup, you'll create a link on your website to the blog page.

The next important item is to link back to your website from your Blog. We wanted a horizontal navigation that was below the page "header" (which is the most common navigation method). Blogger has a series of Gadgets that you can add to your blog. One of them is called "Link List". You will "Configure Link List" as follows:
  • In the "title" section, just write "navigation"
  • Leave the "number of items to show in list" blank
  • In "Sorting", leave it as "Don't Sort" since you can do that manually right sequence on your own
  • In "New Site Name", enter the name of the navigation link (e.g. home).
  • In the "New Site URL", place the full internet address for hat link starting with http://
  • Once that's setup, then go back to "Design", "Templates", "Customize" and "Advanced" to set the colors for the navigation to the way you like it.

    We also wanted to tie our Blog to our Facebook account. On the "Design" and "Layout" page, we added an HTML/JavaScript gadget. We used a tool from Facebook to generate the HTML code for an IFRAME to Facebook and placed that code into the HTML/JavaScript gadget. You can visit to get that HTML code. By the way, we used that same code on the top of to place a "like" for Facebook.

    This entire process took us about 2 hours to setup including getting the colors the way we wanted it and researching all of the steps above. Hopefully, these steps will help you get the job done quicker. We'd appreciate your feedback on this article, your Liking us on Facebook and giving us ideas for future articles.Thank you.

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