Monday, February 17, 2014

Don’t lose your photos or digital files!

I’d like to talk about storing and backing-up your digital photos and files; perhaps in ways you’ve not considered before. We’re all storing more and more digitally. I’m sure that many of you haven’t taken a photo on film in a decade. What photos and digital files would you lose if you had to leave your house in the middle of the night with only your pajamas and your entire home was destroyed in a disaster; what then? While the primary concern is making sure you don’t lose it all, we now also want to be able to get to those files anywhere and anytime.

All of my photos and files are stored on my computer which I backup frequently to a USB drive in my house but that’s not nearly enough. Here are a few steps beyond that. There are a number of services that provide you with free disk space. The most popular are:

  • Google Drive is a free service of Google which gives you 15GB of online disk space. You can basically store anything there and access it anywhere.
  • Dropbox is giving 2GB of free disk space. One of its nice features is that you can automatically upload photos taken on your camera directly to dropbox

  • While I use both of the services above, I also use a paid online backup service. I personally use which charges $25 per year for 150GB of storage. There are many other services in this same business including, to just name two. These services not only provide enough storage for all of the data and photos on my computer but provide one other very important service. They keep the prior copies of computer files. This is handy if you a file becomes damaged due to human error or a virus and you need that old good copy.

    All of the services I’ve mentioned above give you access to your files from computers, tablets and smart phones so you digital life is never more than a few clicks away. 

    There’s one other item I backup that probably few of you do. Have you ever accidentally deleted an email that you needed later? I have a (free) account which I use strictly for email backup. I have my regular email account automatically send a copy to my backup Gmail account. I also have my software automatically blind copy my backup Gmail account on everything I send. I don’t need to access that backup Gmail account often but when I do, I’m happy I sent the 10 minutes this took to setup. This is a no-brainer thing for everyone to do.
    Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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