Monday, February 10, 2014

Is Flash dead?

Flash “was” a wonderful technology created by Adobe which allowed a number of amazing affects on websites. However, it’s time that you stopped using it on your websites and here’s why:

1.       Flash doesn’t play on the vast majority of tablets and smart phones and the trend is that more and more people will be seeing content online through these devices. Therefore, Flash elements on your website simply won’t load on these devices. 

2.       Flash has a shrinking market share because there are better ways to get the same things done without the problems of Flash. It’s just a matter of time before Flash is completely dead.

3.       It’s difficult for search engines to interpret some the information that you place in flash files and search engines are an important way that people find you.

We’re not suggesting that you panic and create a new website today without Flash. We are suggesting that the next time you need to update your website you look at non-flash alternatives. recognized this problem and created an entirely new set of templates without Flash for its clients. If you’re are client and interested in looking at building a new site, you can write to them and they will give you a free Trial website where you can test and build the new site. Once that new site is ready to go “live”, they will move it for you. It’s all a free service to help their customers stay current.

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