Thursday, April 17, 2014

What’s the “title” of your website page?

There is one simple thing that most novices don’t do to help search engines list their website. That being, each web page needs a good “title”. The “title” refers to the code the top of each web page. While it is invisible to your website visitors when visiting the page, they may see at the top of the browser or through search engine listings. Most importantly, the title is an important element when search engines decide how to list your pages.
It is in the area enclosed by <title> and </title>.
Some of the common errors with title tags are:
1. Leaving them blank
2. Giving every page the same title
3. Having the title and the page content not match
4. Making the title generic such as these:
You want each web page to have a descriptive “title”. It should contain fewer than 70 characters. It should include import key words (i.e. those words people would use to find you at search engines). You may want the title on your home page to include your brand name. When you are using multiple key words, you can space them with “|”. There is no perfect “title” for you to use as an example because your “title” must be customized to what you are trying to accomplish. Here are a few examples:
<title>Web Design | Affordable Web Design - website designing | Trusted</title>
<title>Tax Advice, Tips on How to Pay Less Taxes</title>
<title>Free Domain Name | Web Site Hosting| Easy | DomainNameSanity</title>
Our final suggestion is that you use a search engine to find websites similar to your own; both the successful ones and not so successful ones. Then see what title tags they are using. We think you’ll see a lot of great and poor examples with this method.

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