Thursday, May 15, 2014

Top search engine listing – What not to do.

Over the years, we’re read a lot of tricks on how to get your website a top listing by Google, Bing and other search engines. Please keep in mind that these multi-billion dollar companies have hundreds of brilliant people making sure your tricks will fail. They really are smarter than you (and the guy writing some article) so don’t try to trick search engines. Create a quality website with quality copy. Here are some things that you should NOT do as search engines can penalize you:

1. Stop Stuffing keywords into your page Title. See previous blog posting.

2. Stop listing a ton a keywords in metatags.

3. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your content by stuffing it with keywords. Key word density should be about 3% or less.

4. Optimize your images since you’ll be penalized if pages take a long time to load. See previous blog posting

5. Don’t use invisible text (e.g. putting white text on a white page).

6. Paying for back links to your website or participating in link exchanges.

7. Creating complex navigation to generate more links (e.g. linking every page to every other page in a large site).

8. Avoid duplicate copy at your site or placing the same copy at multiple sites.

Both Google and Bing offer you “webmaster tools” to help educate you on creating a quality website. Here are the links:


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